Our staff is led by Mr. Charles Sabas, CIEC, CMR,CMC

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A long-time Indialantic resident as General Manager. Mr. Sabas has 33 years of experience in environmental health and safety (EHS), industrial hygiene consulting and management services. His technical expertise includes hazardous material surveys / assessments and waste classification, preparation of project specifications for proper removal, transport and disposal of identified regulated materials, supervised projects to ensure activities comply with project specifications and local, state and federal regulations. Services provided to military facilities, primary/secondary schools, colleges and universities, power plants, hospitals, major theme parks, shopping centers, and hotel/resorts chains within the United States and Puerto Rico. Management skills include proposal and report preparation, senior review, QA/QC and invoicing. As a resident of Brevard County, Mr. Sabas will be available for all environmental tasks assigned and any emergencies that may occur.

Mr. Mike Brown will be the Client Manager for this contract and will assist with administrative services and technical support. He has conducted 1,000+ hazardous materials assessments and structural inspections of commercial buildings and resident dwellings for the federal government following damage caused by hurricane Ian. Mr. Brown supervised survey crews, completed field activities, and prepared final reports including findings, observations and recommendations.

Mr. David Agee is a Florida licensed Professional Geologist with expertise in petroleum product and hazardous substances contaminated media site assessments, remedial action planning and execution that meet clients’ business objective while addressing regulatory guidelines. He has served as Owners’ Representative and Advocate to the FDEP for former golf courses sites in Florida that have soil and groundwater contamination requiring development of remedial strategies that meet local and state regulatory agencies environmental criteria. He is the Geologist of Record on hundreds of petroleum product and hazardous substances environmental projects for commercial developers, real estate firms and financial institutions in Florida. He conducted regional feasibility studies in eastern and central Florida to evaluate the trend, distribution and suitability of native earth materials for use as construction borrow sources of supply and evaluating their potential for sustainable short- and long-term use. Mr. Agee has been Client Representative for the preparation and submittal of Land Alteration Permits, Conditional Use and Consumptive Use Permits for land developers and mining clients. His clients have varied from Counties, Municipalities, Airports, Financial Institutions, School Boards, Architects, Civil Engineers, etc.



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